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We are Reno based wedding and portrait photographers, Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene, and we would be honored if you allowed us to photograph your special day.

For years Vesta has been into portrait photography and she adores shooting children. And she treats every wedding like it’s Christmas, Easter and every other holiday you can think of all rolled into one. And she cries at each and every one.

Ken has a photojournalistic style to his photography and he’s always looking out for that special moment, that shot of the bride’s father with a tear in his eye or her mother smiling proudly as she beams at her daughter.

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So with the two of us a bride not only gets complete coverage of her wedding day, she also gets the benefit of both of our photography styles. We don’t just point and shoot and hope it all comes out. We’ve lived behind our lenses for a long time and we believe every time we click the shutter, it matters.

Yes, good gear matters too, but you don’t just get to buy an expensive camera and call yourself a wedding photographer. You have to love what you’re doing. You have to believe it counts for something. You have to care about the people you’re photographing. And you have to have been doing it long enough to know what’s important and what’s not.

Laura and Jade in Church on Their Wedding Day

We process some of our photographs in sepia, because, well because it’s been around for a long time and many people are used to it, but also because if done right it can make for a breathtaking and dramatic photograph.

Sepia toning has been around for a hundred and thirty years and though it was probably originally used, because the chemicals used to make a sepia photograph gave the print a fifty percent longer lifespan, it also made for powerful images.

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Of course, when we process a photograph in Sepia or Black and White, our brides get the picture in color as well, bright and beautiful living color.

We also include a trash the dress session with all of our packages. However, don’t worry, “Trash the Dress,” is just a term used for taking photographs of the bride and sometimes with her groom, a few months after the wedding. We don’t really trash her dress.

It’s a nice way for a girl to really rock the wedding gown she’s paid so much money for.

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When we photograph a wedding, we try to get candid shots that display raw emotion. Some shots are pretty obvious, but some others maybe not so much. And that’s why, unlike a lot of other wedding photographers, we don’t eat during the reception, because if we’re sitting at a table, tucking into the bridal feast, we’re not looking for that special photograph that just might be the one that’ll make you cry every time you see it for the rest of your life.

Ashley, Kevin and Their Wedding Cake

At all times we try to blend in, to not get in the way, but there are a few times when we have to get up front, like when the bride and groom exchange rings. If we want to shoot their hands as they put the rings on each other, we have to be up there. And sometimes like during the cake cutting or bouquet tossing, we be have to be up front.

But mostly, we can let the guests get their photographs too. In fact, we encourage the guests to take photographs as well. Whether they have a three thousand dollar camera or a cellphone, we go out of our way to make sure their photographs are as good as they can be. And oftentimes guests with cameras become good friends. After all, if someone’s a photograph maker, we’re prone to like them right off the bat.

Samantha, by Ken Douglas

Lastly, we know choosing a photographer just might be the most difficult and most important decision a bride and groom can make. At the end of the day, when the DJ’s gone and the dancing’s over, when the cake’s been devoured, you’re left with only your dress and your photographs to remember your special day.

We sincerely hope after you’ve gone through our work, that you’ll have enough faith in us to trust us with your wedding photography.

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Deidre and Nick, by Ken Douglas

Dionne Dancing on Her Wedding Day

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